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Mixed Media Artist, Book Reviewer and Blogger

The works of Keddy Ann Outlaw in the art of Collage and Assemblage reveal a wonderland of images brilliantly composed, that mine memories, culture and icons.  The works are meticulously presented on archival matt board. These are images with intricate detail that inspire thought and recognition.  Choices of color, line, depth and composition welcome the viewer into a special world.  The variety of topics in Outlaw's art works make a valuable collection. is pleased to present the beautiful collage work of Keddy Ann Outlaw.

"In collage, anything is possible. Because collage is complex and multilayered, it has the potential to portray states of paradox and beauty amongst chaos. It is possible to have both major and minor themes in even the smallest piece. There is pure poetry in collage! My imagination goes wild. In collage I am free to roam through all the world's contents and rearrange them. The results sometime remind me of a torqued mandala; things are askew, recombined and rebalanced until I achieve a certain wholeness. My appetite for making collage seems endless. No sooner am I done
with one, than certain fragments on the work table make their way into the start of a new composition."

                                                                                                                       -Keddy Ann Outlaw

Recent Shows:

  • Jung Center Houston, Texas
  • Art League, Houston, Texas
  • Arthouse, Austin, Texas

2010 - Cash Award from National Collage Society

2011-Solo Show online at Caladan Gallery

The beautiful images we see are also available on stationary cards, note cards, and greeting cards. Contact us at for our options and prices.

Printmaker Andis Applewhite said of Keddy Ann Outlaw's work:

"Your fascination with the sacred has allowed you to take from all and make one.  This is your gift to us visually and personally.  Very rich with a sense of transcendence."

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