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For almost 20 years Keith Evans has been creating unique southwestern style jewelry pieces.
Born and raised in Arizona, Evans learned many different trades and traveled many roads. While building furniture and refinishing antiques in Santa Fe, Evans became friends with and starting working for a respected Navajo Silversmith, and learned to make beads, inlay jewelry and to develop and refine his own techniques. Always admiring and respecting the Indian style of jewelry he learned about and created with his Navajo mentor, Evans incorporated some of the flavor into his own style to create jewelry pieces like no other. Evans has become well-known for his fabricated feathers made from gold, silver or copper and fashioned into fine jewelry.
He is constantly in his studio in the artisans’ community of Taos, New Mexico, working on new designs and variations of his one of a kind jewelry pieces.
Evans’ work has been exhibited in galleries in Beverly Hills, Santa Fe, Taos, and New York City

Keith Evans
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