Business in Northern New Mexico and Surrounding Areas

Business Taos has changed as time goes by.

2018 Business increases, new building. Climate change in different parts of the country encourages investment from Texas, California, the Mid West. Taos is recognized for its beauty. Taos Ski Valley opens to snow boarders (2016), Mountain Bikers and Hikers visit the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains. Taos maintains its old world ambiance.

The Recent Past Years:

1998 was seeing the development of a big economic boom…real estate sales growing…investors from other states, predominantly Texas, building second homes. Land owners realizing the value of inherited properties. More “outsiders” move in and the economy thrives. The beginning of Taos and the Northern Mountains as a great sports getaway. Construction companies thriving…product prices low enough to make new home building profitable. Taos Ski Valley thriving. Investors meeting the strong held beliefs of the old school political structures of the Northern New Mexican Culture. Taos Culture and business shifts.

2008 Economic Crash takes Taos out. Jobs scarce. Our best and brightest Taosenos moving out for work somewhere else. Historic Art Market Morphs.

2012 Taos Construction Market continues to take hits as building is slow and prices from local hardware and lumber stores keep materials at least 30% higher than in southern NM and the rest of the nation. Weak Labor Force as laborers are forced out of Taos with low or no wages.


The Construction Industry Continues to take hits as less and less building occurs and stimulus monies dry up. Compared to the boom of the 90's the building industry is a ghost industry.  Many construction workers out of work.  Municipal Schools and Municipal Administration contract out of state mega companies, who bring there own workers leaving Taos Construction Workers in the dust.


Choosing the right contractor in Taos if you are a newbie is tricky.  Even if you are an oldbie in Taos, if you don't have input on good carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc. it can be a daunting and intimidating task choosing the right company to help you out in your building journey. Trial and error can be costly. is setting up a review of contractor experiences to help you make a good plan.  Blog us with your input.  Your responses will be anonymous.


Our Auto and Mechanical options in Taos is limited.  In the middle of a cold winter day when our car or furnace quits, who do we go to...who is the most reliable.  Blog us with your good or not-so-good service stories.


One thing we have learned at is that technologies do not run along with longevity. So when the computer freezes, or too much surfing without protection brings viruses, where does one turn. How do you get your computer or technology fixed at an affordable prices? Any input?  blog us