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Cottonwood B and B definitely beautiful view of Taos Mountain, just outside of the quaint Mountain Village of Arroyo Seco.  Views to die for. asks you to rate this. rates this unrated (please rate this on



New Mexican Food:

Local Food:

Seasons Greetings from The Hotel La Fonda de Taos is now home to the Plaza Cafe offering authentic Northern New Mexico cuisine and offering a fine selection of premium wines and beers. The Cafe's location in the hotel adjacent to our 700 square foot Karavas Conference Room creates very flexible facilities for accommodating private dinner parties and special events. We have created some seasonal menus for group functions that start as low as $16 per person or we can tailor menus to your individual tastes and budgets. Please contact Tracy Chancellor at 575-758-2211 or to discuss your individual needs and questions. 


El Taoseno - family business serving Taos and Northern New Mexico since 1983 with home cooking.  "Where the Locals Eat". Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner right downtown on Paseo Del Pueblo Sur.  A great gathering place for locals. Breakfast is the best!!! Burritos, Omelets, Menudo and more. 819 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Taos, New Mexico 87571. (575)758-4142

Orlando's New Mexican Cafe - The mission is simple: serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week. One of the hottest places to eat in Taos for tummy filling New Mexican Cuisine.  Located North of Taos across from Taos Mountain and the famed Taos Pueblo.  Orlando's is a busy and local restaurant that caters to tourists and locals.  Find your Burritos and Enchiladas here served with home cooking love. Voted Best Mexical Food Taos County Since 2005. Open 7 Days a week (lunch 10:30 AM to 3:00PM and dinner 5:00 to 9:00 PM) 1114 Don Juan valdez Lane, El Prado, Taos, NM 87529, 575-751-1450 

Toribio's- quick and home cooked Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Burritos, Carne Asada, Fajitas, Enchiladas and More...North Side of Town by the Old Blinking Light Across from the Chevron.  Great Place to catch a quick bit gives this 3.5 Stars

La Cueva Cafe: La Cueva Café, is located a block south of Taos Plaza, corner of Paseo del Pueblo Sur and Quesnel. The Zarazua family (Horacio y Juana), originally from Mexico, have years of experience in Taos restaurants. All food at La Cueva is prepared fresh daily and is 100 percent natural. There are several vegetarian items and the entire menu is gluten-free. Very popular and right on the Main Street of Taos, this is a "Must Go - Must Eat".  Now serving Beer and Wine there is cozy indoor seating and airy outdoor seating. Menu items include Ceviche Mexicano and Enchiladas de Camarón Enchipotladas. Favorite plates include Chicken Mole, Enchiladas and Fajitas. Full Restaurant serving excellent Mexican Cuisine. Comfortable Sit Down Dining and Deliveries. 135 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Taos NM 87571 -(575) 758-7001

Michael's KitchenWorld Famous, Local New Mexican Cooking Big Breakfast, Great Deal, Bakery, Hometown New Mexican Atmosphere and Mucho Food..Wanna Eat?  Michaels serves Giant Plates. Considered one of the best restaurants in town, Michael’s Kitchen has been in business since 1974, and some original staff members remain. Owner Derek Apodaca says, “My wife Gina and I bought the restaurant in 2005. We once had a customer say that he had been here in the 70’s and was amazed that nothing had changed. He even had the same server wait on his table." Awesome Bakery.  7 Days/wk. M - Th 7:00AM - 2:30PM and Fri, Sat, Sun 7:00AM to 8:00PM.  Absolutely Local with a Kind and Caring Staff, Culture and the heart of Taos at 304 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, just north of the Plaza. 


Taos Pizza Outback: A great local hangout for homey and funky layout and great pizza's ( Hand Rolled and Corn Mealed), calzones, wines, microbrews,pastas and salad..relaxed atmosphere, kid friendly, local staff. 575-758-3112 North of the Plaza in El Prado

Pizanos -Really Popular, High Priced for Thin Pizza's, Cool People, Right on the Edge of the Taos Pueblo with Astounding Views of Taos Mountain, Wines and Beers, Deli Sandwiches, Wings, Pasta, Local Ski Bums love to come here after a hard ski day...Pizza is Pizza...Over Priced...but who cares!!!! 575-776-1050 State Highway 150 Right Around the Corner From the Blinking Light.  Excellent Location Next to KTAOS Solar Music.

MONDO ITALIANO - Great Italian Restaurant at New Location. Excellent Pizza with shades of NY: Jennifer DeBow, Mondo Italiano partner, knew exactly what she wanted to do when she conceived of the restaurant — she longed to capture the flavor of the East Coast Italian American food that she had enjoyed during her childhood in Manhattan. ""I put together the menu based on the dishes I used to eat in New York City," she said. "Each item has been taken from a specific restaurant." Calzones, Salads, Really Nice Dinner Menu's, Excellent Chef, Small Dining Room, Popular but limited seating...Worth the Slice!!! Great Chef!!! 575-751-7712, 622 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur.


 Taos is chained by chains.  We are forced to purchase foods from major corporations.  Our choices are: The Albertson's Chain, The Smith's Chain, The Walmart Chain, and the Super Save Chain.

We have only one home grown food alternative and that is Cid's Natural Food Store. Cid's provides quality but most can not afford the prices.

Many Locals have to shop at several stores to get the best values.

Super Save provides the needs for many locals..with basic foods..great fresh made tortillas, a great butcher dpt for pork roasts and chops, and most cost effective chicken roasts and fryers.  Beef is expensive, Hams and Turkeys are expensive and frozen. You can get good deals on vegetables and fruits, though the quantities vary.  Presentation is clean, organized and fresh. 

Albertson's -  Prices are manipulated and there are some good offers and deals. Prices are higher throughout than the competitor Smiths.  The deals are manipulated to cost the consumer from the back end (ie: chicken may be on sale one week, but milk is overpriced at the same time).  The Fish Section is the best in Taos and well presented.  Cudo's to Customer Service, especially Fish, Meats, Dairy and Produce.  Deli Section Customer Service is good. Quality of Deli Products is Fair. Deli products are expensive.  Bakery section full of chemicals. Bread section, less than good. The front check out Customer Service are Locals who have been working in the store since it was Furr's and probably before. They are a bit tired and dated and slow and not so warm and friendly. Beef is expensive but there is quality. Pork and Chicken are expensive. Quality good. Prices are way higher than Albertson's in Santa Fe or ABQ.  The corporation takes advantage of the customers in our small town. The corporation provides an active Savon Pharmacy corporate presence and Hillcrest Bank corporate presentation which draws customers to the store...."One Stop Shop". 710 A Paseo del Pueblo Sur Taos, NM 87571. (575) 758-1250. (575) 758-1203

Smith's - provides a lot of versatility in products.  Prices are higher than in Smiths of Santa Fe and ABQ,  but beat out Taos competitors.  Veg and Fruit are well presented, some deals, but prices are up there (Green Beans and Broccolli almost all year long @ $1.49/lb). But fruit and sometimes it is bland and awful and we throw it out. Smith's has a Seafood section, smaller than Albertson's, the quality of the fish is fair. Albertson's beats them out with Fresh Seafood. Meat section is large with deals. Prices are good but I have returned much meat for spoilage after 2 days in my cold fridge. Deli Section has great customer service and good options and quality.  Bakery is better than Albertson's with lots of Bread options.  Dessert options are full of chemicals, of course. Kroger (Smith's) products are inferior and not healthy and prevalent throughout. There is a lot of variety, which is good. Customer Service is excellent.  The Smith's Team is happy, helpful, and great. Upper management is less so. The Corporation provides a full Pharmacy and a Gas Station with comfortable bays and cheaper prices than competitive gas companies in Taos..."One Stop Shop".224 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur Taos, NM 87571- (575) 758-3711 is looking for input about your Taos Experience.  Blog your response to our Blog Questions.  We will accept your anonymous comments to protect your privacy.  Please stay withing the parameters of constructive non abusive comments.