Valdez Valley Looking Up Towards Taos Ski Valley

Valdez Valley Looking Up Towards Taos Ski Valley



A history of great physical change in Time

to Land, Mountains and long expanses of Desert (High and Low).

A museum of Volcanic Eruption and re-establishing of Earth, Water, Plants, Trees, Species…

Abiquiu Lake and the Grand Pedernal

Abiquiu Lake and the Grand Pedernal

Taos Pueblo - the Red Willow People



Taos Pueblo


Taos Pueblo, the only living Native People’s Community designated by UNESCO.

A National Historic Landmark.

The Taos Pueblo Peoples have a history that is oral. Tradition and religion require that this history is not revealed. The Pueblo Architecture was developed between 1000 and 1450 AD. How long peoples lived in this spot is not measured. The structures (Hlauuma and Hlaukwima) are this old. The Pueblo is the oldest contiguously inhabited community in our now defined USA.

The structures are made entirely of adobe - earth, water, straw - bricks that are dried by the ever present Sun. Timbers for the roofs come from the mountain forests. The outside of the structures are consistently tendered to preserve the structures.

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Traditions, Farming, Hunting, Architecture

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