Jim T. Cox

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It is my hope that my art work represents the traditional influences of my instructors with my visual and emotional interpretations brought on by observation, study and painting from life as much as possible.

I approach teaching with the idea that I am sharing what I have learned from my instructors.

Criticism only helps if it is constructive and objective. Instead of boundaries I want to offer options and alternatives.

  • Introduced to the Arts by his parents at an early age. Enrolled in Art Classes at the age of seven.

  • Earl instruction by New Mexico artist, Ann Mann and Oklahoma artist L. Dano Keyes

  • College experience at Texas Tech University, studying architecture and design

  • Apprenticeship with Texas Artist Dalhart Windberg

  • Atelier training at the Schuler School and the Mitchell School in Baltimore, Md.

  • Workshop training with Daniel Greene, Simon Michael, and A.D. Greer

  • Teaching experience spanning twenty years with adults and youth

  • Workshops and Demonstrations

    Texas: Victoria, Houston, Dallas, Austin Marble Falls, Buchanan Dam, Llano, Hallettsville and Katy

    Baltimore, MD: The Mitchell School of Fine Arts and the Muse Studio

    Bethesda, MD: The International Development Bank

    Angel Fire, NM: Angel Fire Community Center and Moreno Valley High School

    Taos New Mexico: Taos Do It Yourself Picture Framing

    Taos, NM: Taos Fine Art

    Taos, NM: Creative Framing and Gallery

    Washington, DC: Foxhall Gallery

    Well fleet, MA: Left Bank Gallery