Jeremy G. Landau, Photography

Jeremy G. Landau, a fine arts/landscape photographer living in Taos, New Mexico.  

"My photography represents images of lives & places in transition. In this sense, all realism photography is a kind of portraiture. When I was young on the streets of New York, I was told to look down, make no eye contact, stay in your own space.   I have been looking up, ever since.  As a young adult, I had no interest in photography, despite several opportunities to pursue it.   As I began to inhabit New Mexico, 305-years ago, I discovered I could not live without a camera.  The abandonment, the wilderness, small towns locked in time became my photographic obsessions. 

"Many of the images my landscapes can no longer be seen. Some of my portraiture highlights people I may never see again -- although several have reappeared in the most amazing of synchronicities.  Photographs are still moments, unique in their perspective of time and space. For each one, I invite the viewer to be drawn in to inhabit the photography from their own unique vantage point." 

Jeremy has travelled to 48 out of 50 US states, Canada, Mexico and 37 other global nations. He has held exhibitions as an artist-in-residence in Cuba, Barcelona, Scotland as well as New York and New Mexico.  Nearly everywhere people are much the same... living, working, sharing differing versions of family, yet all a part of a global community which is seriously on the precipice of violence and extinction through our own lack of vision.  In most of these places he has walked, ridden - once upon a camel - shared drinks, laughed and cried with the people and in the places he photographs.  A few books and several magazines have featured this photographic legacy.   

Many thanks for this opportunity to share a bit of my story with you. 

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